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Who We Are

Arce Custom Cabinets, Inc. is a family-run, woman-owned and operated cabinet manufacturer out of San Diego County. 


Armando & Liliana founded Arce Custom Cabinets in 2009 and since then all three of their kids - Kareli, Lili, and Alex- learned the business and took on a role to run it. 

Our goal is to bring beautiful and functional commercial carpentry to life by delivering the finest woodworking products in our area, bringing job opportunities and highly skilled carpentry to our community.


We focus on public works, federal, and Design-Build specialty projects and have remained successful over the years by delivering quality and cultivating solid relationships with those we work closely with.






Armando & Liliana

Armando started building houses from the ground up with his dad since he was a boy and has become a master woodworker with a keen eye for detail and an advanced capacity for the math, vision, and engineering that woodwork requires. 

He is at least a fourth generation carpenter, maybe fifth or sixth, we're not sure how far back the lineage goes! What we know for sure is that woodworking has been in our family for centuries. After all, in Spanish the word ARCE is the word for "maple tree" and maple wood is one of the best.


Together with Liliana, they have managed to guide their children to running the business side of the company.    

Alex Arce

Alex is our vice president with 20 years of hands-on experience fabricating and installing finish carpentry. He takes on many roles in our company to make sure our plans stay on track, mainly serving as project manager and estimator.

Lili Arce

Lili brings management experience from her previous career in a corporate setting and directs all of the company activity and personnel maintaining order and organization in our business. She is the finance officer guiding all of the business operations. 


Kareli Wenrich

Kareli graduated from Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business and was a key player coordinating our mission and vision efforts to get us to where we are today. She currently oversees our bookkeeping.  

Our Team

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